Travel Policy’s

Suggestions about travel and company regulations

1) Customers are allowed to carry 2 pieces of luggage that do not exceed 50 pounds and 1 not to exceed 15 pounds. This includes boxes, bicycles and bags.

2) All luggages that are handed to the driver to be placed in the luggage compartment must have a luggage claim ticket. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify ticketing agent of how many pieces of luggages they will be checking in.

3) The bus company is not responsible for any luggage in the passenger area.

4) The bus company is not responsible for any damage that occurs to the luggage that is placed in the compartment of the bus.

5) The bus company is responsible for a maximum of $ 125 per luggage that the customer has checked in, if lost.

6) The bus company reserves the right to try to recover their lost luggage for a minimum of 15 days before giving any refund.

7) The bus company will keep the forgotten items for a maximum period of 30 days from the date of travel.



1) Do not put any valuables in the luggage that you will be checking in. This includes medicine, jewelry,

documentation and money. These items will not be subject to refund.

2) Do not travel with excessive luggage that you will not able to handle on your own.

Cancellation and Refunds of Tickets

1) There are no returns.

2) The cancellation of the tickets must be made with a minimum of 8 hours in advance. This will alow you to re-book your ticket for another day or leave your travel day open for 90 days.

3) The trips are transferable to relatives or acquaintances but must be done by the person who bought the ticket and the agency where the sale was made.

4) If the ticket is authorized by a supervisor to be reimbursed, it can only be returned to the person who bought the ticket and at the agency where the sale was made. The company reserves the right to charge 20% of the value of the ticket if the refund is authorized.

5) You are allowed to re-book your trip twice without additional charge. The third reservation, you will be charged 20% of the value of the ticket. You are allowed to receive a courtesy extension for 30 days after the 90 days referred to in item number 2.

6) Customers must have their confirmation number or physical ticket to travel.

7) Passengers traveling on our Huntington Park-San Ysidro or San Ysidro-Huntington Park route that have a prepaid ticket or a round-trip ticket must be booked 45 minutes prior to departure.

8) Passengers traveling from Huntington Park to Northern California, Oregon, and Washington who have a pre-paid ticket must check in 2 hours prior to departure. Return passengers must call one day in advance to make their reservation if the ticket is left open and must be registered 2 hours before departure.


If you do not have your travel date, we suggest you leave your ticket open for 30 days and call one day in advance to make your reservation. If you have any physical impediment, please advise the ticketing agency so that you can be accommodated in the seats reserved for persons with disabilities. The seats are granted on the order of arrival of the passengers. We suggest that you call one day in advance if you have a preference for the arrangement of the seat.

What is not allowed on the bus?

Drugs, alcohol, flammable liquids, contraband, weapons, auto parts such as batteries and oils are not allowed on the bus. Pets are not allowed unless they are service animals. The company reserves the right to request documentation proving that it is a service animal. Small pets may be allowed if the dispatcher considers that it would not cause any harm or discomfort to the passengers. An adult ticket

will have to be purchased so that the pet can travel inside the bus with the owner before the departure date. It cannot be bought at the time of the exit. The company reserves the right to deny the service to any person who may be a danger to others who does not respect the rules of the company or who acts in an offensive manner with passengers, operators or any employee of the company.